What does a girl who claims that she can’t find a job because of her perfect appearance really look like?

Many of you probably think that beauty opens almost all doors to a person. But not our heroine today…

Meet Irina, a 33-year-old resident of London originally from Russia! The girl opened her own business after she failed to get a job. Irina assures that she constantly had to face difficulties during the interview. The reason is in appearance, as the girl herself thinks. 0

Irina claims that attractiveness and beauty have ruined her career. She says that male bosses do not take her seriously and think that she is a real fool with excellent external data.

To increase her chances of building a successful career, the girl even became a brunette, stopped walking in heels and began wearing glasses.

According to her, only after that she began to receive job offers.

Irina admits that she rarely wears makeup. ”My facial features allow me to feel comfortable without makeup,” she notes.

The girl recalls a case when she was not hired because she was ”not like others.”

”In his opinion, all women should have children and a mortgage,” she says.
Tired of all this, Irina stopped looking for a job and opened her own business – an online clothing store.

And what is your opinion on this? Do you think she’s really so beautiful that she can’t find a job because of it?

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