What are the most beautiful twins in the world who are famous from birth?

These beautiful twins were born 9 years ago. Naturally, they were the most beautiful on earth for their mother. However, it soon turned out that not only Mom thinks so…

When the woman published photos of the kids, the family began to receive dozens of offers from modeling and advertising agencies and magazines. There were even offers to act in a movie.

The mother thought that the girls were still very young and for a long time refused all offers.

Many people are talking about this family today. They are called the ”model family”.

2 years ago, when the girls turned 7 years old, their mother asked them if they would like to become models, the girls agreed.

But in their family there is another handsome brother, who also receives offers from a variety of advertising agencies.

How beautiful they are!

Each year the family becomes more popular.

The girls perceive this work as a game, and the mother makes sure that they do not overwork and fail their studies. The children also go dancing and swimming, but still dream of becoming models.

Naturally, this was not without criticism. Many believe that the mother of the twins deprived them of a normal childhood. However, looking at their photos, it is hard to believe that they are unhappy.

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