What a sweet story: this unique man planted thousands of plants for his wife to prove his intense love

The hero of this story found a way to express his loving gratitude to his wife.

There are also people who think that love requires proof in order to express feelings through actions so that their loved ones can be sure of their endless love.

This man planted thousands of plants in memory of his wife. This is a good example of what true love looks like.

In 1962, the loving couple Janet and Winston House got married. Their love, at first glance, was instantaneous.

After the wedding, they moved to a beautiful green farm in England, where they created their own fairy tale.

They enjoyed a peaceful life with their child on a green farm.

Unfortunately, Janet developed heart problems after 30 years of marriage.

Her life continued thanks to a loving husband who gave her love and happiness and could not imagine his life without her.

The loss of Janet was very hard for Winston. He was unhappy. He knew he couldn’t bring her back to life, but instead he hatched a special plan in his mind. He planted a beautiful garden. This beauty was near their house.

The garden was in the shape of a heart, and he did this in memory of his beloved wife.

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