”What a miracle!” The school cleaner became a pretty woman and amazed everyone

 ”What a miracle!” The school cleaner became a pretty woman and amazed everyone

Victoria Shishkina worked in dentistry and was happily married. But health problems made the woman excess much weight, and when she reached to 150 kilograms, her husband abandoned her.

The woman could no longer physically continue working in dentistry, so she had to get a job as a cleaner at school. Health problems and in her personal life significantly undermined her, and for a long time the woman lived as a hermit. She spent all the time at home, talked to few people and suffered from the fact that she did not like herself in the mirror at all.

But at some point she decided to change her life. She found a qualified nutritionist, and was able to lose up to 80 kilograms under his guidance.

But such rapid weight loss caused sagging skin and other cosmetic problems. Then Victoria decided to ask for help in the program “10 years younger”, and succeeded.

The first thing that needed to be done was plastic surgery, which helped to get rid of excess skin in the abdomen and tighten the chest.

Thanks to cosmetologists, the problem of fine wrinkles was also solved, which significantly rejuvenated the face. Then it was the turn of dentists, after visiting which the woman could not get enough of a beautiful, snow-white smile.

A new wardrobe and nude makeup completed the updated image, and Victoria appeared before the audience in all its glory.

And it was, without a doubt, a miracle. After all, the program team managed to return Victoria not only to self-love, but also to life.