Very cute scene: this little cat approached a man dressed as Santa and didn’t want to leave

Mackenzie, a 15 year old senior cat, was cranky and not very friendly.

Mackenzie is a ferocious cat with a complex personality. When she’s upset, she doesn’t hesitate to let her know by clapping her paws and hissing. But there are two things that make her an adorable kitten: her armor and Santa.

Mackenzie, a 15-year-old tricolor cat, and her lover Angela Rasuse live in Nova Scotia, in eastern Canada. Most of the time, the kitten looks ferocious and not very friendly, and it’s not just an impression; Mackenzie has a very strong personality and shows it quite often.

Which does not affect the love for Angela Rasuse.

Mackenzie used to belong to her grandparents. After the death of his grandfather in 2019, to whom the animal was very attached, there was no one to take care of him. Angela Rasuse then decided to adopt her.

The cat took a long time to get used to the new owner. Mackenzie still has mood swings and can still yell at her, but the young woman is very patient and understanding. She knows what the four-legged went through.

One day Angela Rasuse came up with a good idea to buy a leash for a cat. It completely changed her.

Mackenzie discovered the beach and loved it. “The second you put the armor on her, she becomes an adventurous cat and is no longer a “crazy bloodthirsty creature,” continues Angela Rasuse. Since then, she has accompanied her absolutely everywhere.

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