Unwashed hair and rumpled clothes. 46-year-old Jolie on a walk caused criticism

Angelina Jolie has been in Italy for a long time, shooting a film as a director. However, Jolie also has free time and she tries to devote it to her children, or to herself.

For example, the other day a Hollywood movie star was filmed while walking around the ancient city, Jolie had ice cream in her hands. As an outfit, Angie chose linen pants and a sweatshirt, and put her hair in a bun, and it seems she forgot to wash them. But the outfit was so rumpled and not ironed that it immediately caught people’s attention.

But believe me, the Hollywood 46-year-old diva was not confused by this in any way. And in general, she looked good, only if it wasn’t for the comments of her fans about excessive thinness, but that’s another story.

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