Unusual child! What does the boy who conquered the whole world with his unique hair look like today?

Probably many of you have seen a photo of this beautiful baby. Junior became famous after his pictures hit the Net. Many were fascinated by his appearance, especially his unusual hair.

The boy’s mother says that the doctors, seeing the unusually thick hair of the child, insisted that they would fall out over time. This, however, did not happen. On the contrary, day after day, the baby’s hair grew and became thicker.

The woman admitted that at that time she could not even calmly go into the store, because people always gathered around the child and asked to touch his hair. Naturally, this annoyed my mother somewhat, but Junior enjoyed it from childhood, loved to be the center of attention.

Mom was afraid to cut the baby’s hair, because she considered it unique.

Today the boy is already 3 years old. As you can see, the density has passed. But he remained the same sweet, smiling and sweet baby.

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