”Unrecognisable!” The stylist transformed the 65-year-old ”old lady” into an attractive, beautiful woman

It is not for nothing that they say that everyday life is able to ”tighten” and turn even the most beautiful and spectacular woman into a ”typical housewife” with a gray and unsightly appearance. Apparently, this is exactly what happened to the heroine of our story.

Barb is an ordinary American housewife. The woman does a lot of housework every day, as well as shopping trips. Gradually, Barb felt that she had lost the desire to take care of herself. Sometimes there just wasn’t enough time and energy for this. Barb realized that something needed to be changed when she once again saw in the mirror a tired, nondescript woman looking much older than her years.

Soon Barbie has an anniversary – she turns 65. On this occasion, the woman decided to turn to stylist Christopher Hopkins to help her feel beautiful again.

Christopher decided not to paint over the gray hair of the woman. He gave Barb a perky short haircut and gave her hair a noble silver shade. Such length and styling allowed a woman to easily ”throw off” a dozen years. The image was completed by a professional makeup in light ”nude” tones. The transformation inspired Barb so much that she decided to play the piano and perform a duet with Christopher. The woman thanked the stylist wholeheartedly for the fact that now she will be able to ”shine” on her holiday and will certainly surprise all her family and friends.

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