Unreal charming beauty: actor DiCaprio and Ukrainian model Beregova were noticed together

This is what DiCaprio’s new girlfriend looks like, Beregova’s model from Ukraine.

Not so long ago, a number of headlines appeared on the network that the Hollywood actor and Camila Morrone, unfortunately, broke up. And recently, Leo has been increasingly noticed with the angelically beautiful Ukrainian model M. Beregova.

Leo and Camila

As it turned out later, Leo and Maria have been in a relationship since July. Probably, the couple tried to hide their relationship from the paparazzi, and now the entire Internet is actively discussing them.

His new girlfriend is Maria

“Lev has great taste”, “What a charming girl”, “Much more beautiful Shayk”, “Everyone helps Ukraine as much as they can”, “Such a beautiful couple”, “I wonder when Leo will become a father”.

“We are looking forward to your wedding”, “Now it is fashionable to meet Ukrainian girls.”

What can you say?

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