Unique scene: the footage shows how this intelligent police dog performs CPR on an officer

This story of a puppy performing CPR on a policeman went viral on the internet.

Dogs are an integral part of our existence. These charming creatures seem to be made to brighten up our days.

However, if necessary, they can save our lives. Whether we are talking about emotional support dogs or police dogs, they will do anything to save our lives because we all know that nothing compares to the love and devotion of a dog.

A video of a cute puppy performing CPR on a ”fallen” cop recently went viral.

In a video released for the first time by the Madrid City Police, Spain, a small dog named Poncho can be seen performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation in front of elementary school students.

Poncho can be seen ”carrying out a heroic operation to save an officer’s life and doesn’t hesitate for a moment to save an agent’s life,” the police department wrote in a translated tweet.

A well-trained dog behaves exactly like a murderer when one of his friends falls to the ground, pretending not to react.

Poncho repeatedly jumps on the officer’s chest in an attempt to restart his heart and save his life. Check out the great footage here and we’re sure you’ll have high morale to get on with your day.

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