True love! What does the family of a model that weighs 127 kg look like?

She became famous precisely because of her extra pounds. Despite her unattractive figure, Tess attracts photographers with her pretty face.

Many people believe that it is more difficult for overweight people to meet love and start a family. Only in practice it turns out absolutely the opposite. This girl is proof of that, she met a man, married him and gave birth to his son.

The husband of the model said that he had never been confused by the shape of his beloved woman. By the way, Tess has a child from her first marriage and now the couple has a baby together. The far from ideal model is glad that it turned out to give birth to absolutely healthy children.

”Such a smiling beauty”, ”Weight should not be a hindrance to anyone”, ”Promotion of a body-positive”, ”She was lucky that she managed to endure both pregnancies”, ”A very happy family”, ”Unwillingness to look after herself and generates a body-positive”, ”She would like to sit on a diet”, ”Husband in a couple of years he will go to a slender woman, ” — these are the different opinions expressed by netizens in the comments.

How do you feel about the fact that people with extra pounds assure that they need to accept themselves as they are?

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