”Transformed beyond recognition”: 10 women decided to radically change their image

Two talented masters – O. Trunova and O. Tarasova teamed up and decided to give the most ordinary women a new appearance. Today we will show you the participants of this experiment, before and after the project!

This charming woman’s name is Julia.
She is a mother of 2 children, and a successful lawyer!

And this is Irina from the capital. After the transformation, she became like E. Piekha!

Ekaterina asked the masters to become more modern and bright! In my opinion, they did it!

Wow, the result is amazing! This woman’s name is Olga, and now her appearance completely conveys her inner world.

And Lyudmila was persuaded to transform by her own daughter! As a result, the woman was completely satisfied with the result.

And this charming girl decided to experiment on her 18th birthday!

The designer from the capital now looks appropriate for her profession.

Valentina was also persuaded by the children to participate in the project! Charming woman!

The last one is a woman named Marina. The masters did not radically change her appearance, but simply emphasized the femininity and beauty of the heroine.

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