Touching scene: this little boy couldn’t hold back his tears when he was given a new pet

The boy did not contain his emotions and began to cry with happiness.

The kid takes him in his arms and is not going to let him go, and the adult tells him: “This is yours”.

A pet is a good opportunity to learn how to be responsible and, moreover, learn to be more empathetic towards other species.

This bond is usually much stronger with children, and they seem to bond better with animals and enjoy spending time with them.

One such emotional moment was captured by LadBible, who shared a video on Instagram of them introducing their new pet to a child. The young man cannot restrain his emotions and begins to cry with joy, while he hugs the puppy and brings his face closer to him.

Perhaps he did not believe that a dog was for him, so his reaction touched many users who are happy to see his love for his new animal. Some subscribers wrote in the comments that they hope that he will keep it warm and take good care of himself.

Others emphasized that there are children who misbehave with their pets, and it is these children who deserve dogs at home.

It’s incredible how he expresses his happiness, like a father meeting his son for the first time and caressing him non-stop.

This puppy is lucky, he is sure to be a great playmate, a creature with whom they can go through many adventures together.

He must ensure the care, cleanliness and feeding of this puppy, although, of course, the parents must help him in this.

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