Too frank: fans discussed the deep neckline of Sophia Loren, who is already 86 years old

Gorgeous Sophia Loren still maintains her charming and attractive beauty.

It was beauty that helped Sophie to become more famous. She recently appeared with a bright make-up, in dresses with a deep neckline, which surprised everyone!

She is rarely seen at any social events. She values ​​her family very much, so she spends all her free time with her. Sophie decided to please her audience and published a very bold photo.

Very bright, golden dress made the image very elegant. Lauren did makeup, tinted her eyes and lips. It is immediately clear that even at 86 she feels confident.

Fans of the artist began to comment on the appearance of the favorite. “Good as always”, “This is how grandmothers should look”, “She should have gone on a well-deserved vacation”, “World Woman”,-commented Internet users.

How do you like this outfit?

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