”This is unbelievable!”: what do the children of twin sisters look like who married twin brothers

When you watch this picture carefully, it may seem to you that it is double in the eyes, but if you look closely, you will realize that these are two pairs of twins.

It’s really incredible, but it happens when two twin brothers decided to marry twin sisters.

Sisters Kayla and Teyla have been proud of their similarity since childhood, wearing similar clothes and having similar hairstyle. When the girls became older, they met brothers with whom they became friends.

After a while, the beauties realized that they liked Sean and Eric, and their feelings were strong. The lovers agreed on a wedding celebration on the same day, in addition, identical dresses were chosen for brides, identical shoes were bought and they were given bouquets one in one. By the way, the grooms, of course, had the same wedding costumes.

To date, children have appeared in both families and many have become interested in how much babies born from twin pairs are similar to each other.

One thing is for sure, babies who were born from different races are so beautiful!

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