This is the news: the character of Prince Harry who seeks to show «Power over William»

It is believed that the disclosure of information in the book will damage.

In July 2022, Cosmopolitan announced that for the holidays the memoirs of Prince Harry «Duke of Sussex» will be released.

According to the news, the book will be released in November/December.

According to the source of the publication, the memoirs have already been completed.

Meanwhile, another insider indicated that the Duke of Sussex could discuss his previous royal life, which he had not previously discussed.

According to the insider, some of the topics touched on include the youth of the duke.

And «there is information that should concern his family».

In addition, this was reported by the former biographer of Prince Angela Levin in the Chat program Palace Confidential.

The Penguin Random House publishing house handed a multimillion-dollar advances to the royal family.

This means that they took care of getting their money for his upcoming biography.

Levin described Prince Harry as «embittered and evil», adding that everything he felt when he saw the events of his life was «terrible».

Moreover, the colleague of Levin, a member of the discussion and royal writer Robert Jobson, had similar fears.

Predicting that the consequences of autobiography will have a huge impact in the UK.

Jobson believes that disclosing information in the book will damage.

In particular, in connection with the problem of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, «Who made whom to cry».

Former BBC journalist said in her memoirs that in 2016

The Duchess received a proposal from the World Vision Canada in a film advertising the work of a charitable organization for the construction of wells in Rwanda.

Bauer said that the prince «brought bags of clothes».

And «insisted» on her accompanying fashion photographer Gabura Yurina.

She also apparently brought a hairdresser and makeup artist.

And also the Canadian camera instead of the producer of the Surminsky brands.

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