This is incredible: this unique girl lost 160 kg and this is how she looks now

When this girl grew up, she tried to sit on strict diets.

Nikki Weber from America is only 34 years old, but she has weighed a lot since childhood, devouring cakes and burgers, without thinking about the consequences.

When the girl grew up, she realized that she needed to lose weight and tried to sit on strict diets. But every minute she broke down and pounced on sweet and fat. And as soon as she began to weigh 295 kilograms, she realized that she needed to change her life.

Then Nikki practically could not walk and get out of bed without anyone’s help, so she moved to the house with her parents, who did not consider her daughter’s problem to be something global and did not try to direct her to a healthy lifestyle.

They even came up with a special mechanism that lifted food to her on the second floor.

A program called “All my 300 kg” came to the rescue. Nikki was invited to participate in the program. The program supports overweight people and tries to help them lose weight.

The girl underwent surgery to reduce the stomach, and nutritionists made up a personal diet.

Nikki was very worried, and doubted whether she could restrain herself and whether she would succeed, but her fears were in vain. She pulled herself together and overcame all her fears. After the operation, I lost 90 kg.

Nikki was able to eventually lose 160 kg and underwent another operation to remove excess saggy skin, which weighed as much as 25 kg.

Now Nikki weighs 90 kg and is not going to stop there, she is engaged in physical education and walks 3-5 km every day. Nikki herself still cannot believe that she managed to lose weight and turn into a beautiful woman with a normal life.

At the gym, Nikki met her future husband, Marcus. They fell in love with each other at first sight.

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