This is how he became: how this man lives his life who grew his hair for years

This unique man started growing his hair and here’s what he looks like.

This idea makes the life-being of Cristiano Braga more difficult, but more interesting, and he also learned a lot during his time with luxurious hair. And something even surprised the editors of

Rapunzel, The Little Mermaid, Jesus, Ariel, John Lennon, a hairy woman, a horse – Cristiano is rarely called by name. Often the expressions are even more vicious, because he gets it from both men and women. The first consider him a handsome metrosexual who wants to take away their girlfriends. The latter sincerely envy the beauty of the Brazilian’s hair, they say, well, why does he need such happiness and wealth? The most contradictory thing here is that if he were a girl, everything would be simple and other girls would also hate him naturally, habitually. And so – dissonance, breaking patterns, because of which Cristiano is already used to being inadequate and has learned to rebuff the fattest trolls.

Cristiano says he hates it when people admire his hair and add ”I wish I had this.” This means that their self-esteem is below the baseboard and, alas, there are plenty of them. On the other hand, yes, he has suitable genes, his grandmother was from the South American Indian family and wore a braid to her feet. She also taught little Cristiano that he would always be criticized and offended, not for his appearance, but for what else. And therefore, do not infringe on yourself for the sake of a vain attempt to please everyone. So he lives – he rejoices in his hairstyle and draws strength from having healthy, beautiful hair.

Now Cristiano works as a model and does not exclude that one day he will cut his hair – if a new project requires it. Although it will be sad to part with such hair. On the other hand, what prevents to grow again? Most people understand absolutely nothing about this, they are full of prejudice, afraid to take risks and a priori do not want to get involved in difficulties. Although everything is much simpler and more interesting, take at least washing your hair: it only takes 5 minutes. Yes, Crisitiano spends only 5 minutes to wash his 65 cm hair. Although then he does not deny himself the pleasure of treating them with aloe vera, avocado, chamomile, mint and rosemary.

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