This is how big the difference in love is: this is how spouses look and live with a 37-year age difference

 This is how big the difference in love is: this is how spouses look and live with a 37-year age difference

She is 61, and he is 24, this is how unique spouses look and live.

They are currently planning to have a baby.

This is not a joke, but a story of true and unconditional love. Cheryl McGregor, 61, married Koran McCain, 24, in September 2021. The ceremony took place at a crossing in Tennessee and was broadcast live.

The couple first met in 2012 when Koran was working at the Daily Queen fast food restaurant. Son Cheryl was his manager, so the woman often appeared with him. At that time, Koran was still 15, and he could not even imagine being in a relationship.

After some time, McCain found another job, and they stopped seeing each other. However, by the will of fate, they met again. In 2020, the guy walked into the store where Cheryl worked as a cashier.

“Sheryl used to be happy, but now she looked sad and as soon as I asked what was wrong, she burst into tears.” The fact is that Cheryl was upset because of the negative comments under her video in tiktok.

The couple began to communicate, and soon romantic elements appeared in their relationship. Cheryl and Kevin admitted that they felt something more for each other.

There were, of course, conflicting opinions about their relationship. Kevin’s family was not opposed at all, but some of Cheryl’s relatives stopped communicating with the woman.

The couple is also often criticized online. McGregor has received so many complaints that her account has been suspended. And there are still people who are in a hurry to harshly criticize the spouses.

Netizens take the opportunity to remind them of the huge age difference, calling McGregor “grandmother” and Kevin “my grandson.”

The poor woman says that such nasty comments often make her cry, but her partner is always there to support her.

Despite criticism and ridicule, Cheryl and McCain still post photos and videos together. They mostly dance to songs on Tiktok and have over 2 million followers on their account.

They also have an account on OnlyFans.

They are now ready to have a baby. Kevin and Cheryl are now trying to pay less attention to criticism of their family.

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