This girl was able to overcome exhaustion in 2 years and became really pretty

Many girls have some complexes about their appearance and they want to change it. Mainly they don’t like their body, and keep a wrong diet.

Here is a girl named Sarah Rav from Melbourne who appeared in such an unpleasant condition. In 2008 she was extremely thin.

Later Sarah told the reporters that she didn’t want to become so thin. She dreamed about having a perfect figure that she imagined in her mind.
To achieve her goal, she reduced her diet to 300-400 kilocalories per day, as well as running for three hours.

After some time she lost a lot of weight becoming 30 kg, and also she had many health problems, her hair began to shed and face lost its former blush.

The girl studied at the medical institute. When the lecturers and students saw Sarah’s awful condition they made her return to the former appearance. Because she was very weak and unhealthy, she was forbidden to attend classes until fully recovery.

When the specialists examined the girl, they told her to return to a balanced diet with the normal amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Sarah must be cured psychologically, too.

She listened to the doctors, returned to her normal diet, joined a gym, where she was given special exercises to restore her weight. As a result in two years she gained 19 kilograms and now she looks very slender, because everything is in its place.

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