This girl decided to stop being hide. She showed herself with shaved hairs

Being for a long time attacked with bad comments, seeing and hearing unknown people’s and even relatives opinion and surprised faces connected with her hairstyle is so tired that she finally decided to stop all suffering.

Meet Chloe Thomas, who finally decided to stop any bad reaction on her, and had shown that women can be beautiful with shaved hair too.

Since her childhood everyone hurt her with sarcasm and bad comments about her falling hair.

She always weared a hat or hair band. But it only worsted the situation.

When finally doctors said about sad diagnosis alopecia, this young girl have to finish suffering, cause all medicine were so expensive and brought a small results and a wig that must have been hide her bald head were found by classmates.

She decided just to take a shave and cut her hair as short as it possible.

Glory to this decision bad days were passed away. She look likes as a super star or even super model with her new hairstyle. Hundred of woman throughout the world send her hugs and applause, write enthusiastic comments about her brave decision and marvelous look. This is the happy end, isn’t it?

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