These Creatures Can Drive You Mad. How Cute They Are!

Some animals can be scary for others but if you look at them from the different point of view they become gentle creatures that need love and harmony

We humans are used to not noticing the small and unimportant things. Everyone knows that tigers and rhinos are dying out, but is there anyone who is concerned about the fate of field mice or chipmunks? But they have become a source of inspiration and creativity for the Austrian photographer Julian Rad.

What a wonderful mouse!

How good this flower smells!

This mouse wants to tell the fortune on a camomile

A little shy hamster

Cutie rabbit

This photo is taken during the jump

A wonderful shot!

A small secret of the photographer

Winter- time for joy

Why are you so gready?

When there is no place in your pocket

A ripe acorn to pigs and green to hamster

Why do rabbits need rose? We don’t know

Look! They are taking photos of ours!

What a booty! It’s my size!

Raking paws!

OMG! The happiness rolled over

Gorgeous squirrel returns with a booty

How cute they are!

Do you like hamsters and squirrels? Which photo do you like most?

Source: Lemurov

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