There is no age and boundaries for love: a 73-year-old elderly man has a 28-year-old beautiful lover

This 73 year old older man is dating a 28 year old girl.

There is a widespread belief that love knows no age or boundaries, but sometimes it seems quite difficult to imagine older men or women and young girls or guys in a relationship. Of course, as in any situation, there are exceptions, but many are of the opinion that in such a relationship there is a benefit for one side. Some people choose to date or marry a rich person who can provide them with all the opportunities and needs, although love is not there or it is one-sided. But, apart from such cases, of course, there are couples and spouses with a relatively large age difference, but unconditionally loving each other.

As soon as Rachel and Nave began to communicate, they immediately realized that they were destined for each other. They certainly had a lot in common, and they soon formed an inextricable bond. At that time, Rachel’s father had just passed away, and it was difficult for the girl to survive this. When the loving couple decided to get married, Rachel’s mother approved of their decision and everything went well.

When Nave proposed to the woman he loved, Rachel said yes without a second’s hesitation. The couple is well aware that they don’t have much time, as Nave is already over 70, so they want to enjoy every moment together.

Of course, there are controversial opinions, and some criticism of the spouses. At the same time, they try not to react and not be offended or upset because of the negative comments of some people.

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