The woman did not feel herself beautiful, but the makeup artist transformed her

 The woman did not feel herself beautiful, but the makeup artist transformed her

Unfortunately, time is beyond our control. Therefore, in every possible way women are trying to preserve their youth by resorting to various methods. Someone to the help of cosmetics, and someone to more radical. For example, surgical intervention.

But even with the right makeup, you can significantly improve your appearance and visually remove a few extra years.

Irina Grinchenko, a makeup artist from Krasnodar, knows this for sure. Her clients always leave, fluttering with pleasure.

Recently, 51-year-old Elena turned to Irina, who was dissatisfied with her appearance. It seemed to her that she looked much older than she really was.

Wrinkles, skin that had lost elasticity, age spots – all this, of course, did not make her attractive.

But the makeup artist promised to help. To even out the skin relief, she used a corrector and a silicone-based base. After that, she applied a foundation, which helped to make the tone of the face as smooth as possible.

A sculptor of a dark shade was useful for correcting the oval.

Elena was noticeably transformed. But then she was waiting for the application of decorative cosmetics.

With the help of gel fudge, the makeup artist laid her eyebrows, giving them a neat shape, and beige-brown shadows effectively emphasized her eyes.

It was decided to dilute this calm tone with terracotta lipstick, which became a bright accent.

Seeing herself in the mirror, Elena was delighted. It seemed that she was younger by at least 20 years. Refreshed, satisfied and inspired, the woman went to conquer the world.