The Ukrainian woman in retro clothes has taken over social networks.

What an amazing Ukrainian woman…

Mila, a Vinnitsa local, has gained a lot of attention on the Internet due to her unique style. The girl dresses in classic Edwardian era gowns, lingerie, and corsets that she recognises in herself.

She was educated in Ukraine. He is currently pursuing a second higher education in psychology while also maintaining an Instagram blog where he posts films, photos, and antique images.

How it all began

Mila began interested in historical reenactment about ten years ago. She began by attending numerous events before leading a historical dancing circle. She acknowledges that she only has one pair of ”past life” jeans left, and the rest of her wardrobe is retro.

She started by ordering an antique coat, then a wedding gown, before progressively changing her complete wardrobe. Mila’s husband prefers contemporary clothing, but he admires her sense of taste. He has a long history of participating in mediaeval knight combat, therefore the historical motif is appropriate for this family.

Is it practical?

Despite wearing pairs of underwear and corsets similar to those worn by women in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the girl professes to be unconcerned. The summer heat is the only drawback. Mila prefers to go out early in the morning or late in the evening on particularly hot days.

Where can I find similar items?

The girl sews some of the garments herself because she has a good understanding of the cut’s qualities. She places some orders on major trading floors, but she acknowledges that it is not a cheap pleasure. Especially if you use antique items to accessorise your gowns.

Mila discovers a lot of old goods in thrift stores. This, she claims, is the most reliable and cost-effective method of locating vintage clothing. For only 76 hryvnias, the girl was able to acquire one image.

The public’s reaction

Mila argues that she has never pushed the old-fashioned way of life, despite the fact that some detractors accuse her of doing so. She believes that we are living at the best time in history and that she would never want to go back 100 years.

She’s used to sidelong glances from ordinary passers-by. Mila used to dress in gothic fashion in her adolescence, so she learnt to ignore criticism.

Source: Lemurov

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