The swimsuit does not go at all and the body is ugly: the 45-year-old singer impressed fans with her image

Shakira at 45 was criticized for choosing a bikini and an unusual image.

At one time, Shakira was a real and exemplary icon for millions of people, and all the girls simply dreamed of having such an impeccable figure and singing and dancing abilities like the performer. Fashionable images, a specific style, lush and luxurious curls and an attractive figure – all this is about Shakira. Even today she never ceases to delight her fans, and the only thing that many do not like is the actual style of the performer.

She mostly prefers to spend her precious time with her family and rarely appears at parties, shows and events. Just recently, the paparazzi managed to capture the iconic woman on the beach. Although Shakira has stopped going to the gym, she successfully maintains her impeccable figure.

Her followers could not understand why the woman chose such an unusual swimsuit that did not really match her overall style. However, we must all remember that she has the right to wear whatever she wants.

How did you find her image?

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