The smallest girl on the planet decided to become a Bollywood wonderful actress

Representatives of the Guinness Book of Records know Jyoti Amje well.

First, the girl was put on the list of champions as the smallest teenager in the world, and after reaching 18 years old, already as the smallest woman. It’s true – despite the fact that Jyoti looks like a strange 3-month-old baby, she has the body of an adult woman. Theoretically, a 23-year-old girl could give birth to her own children, but it’s hard to imagine, because she is only 62 cm tall and weighs just over 5 kg.

Records in the asset, it’s time to move on. After filming a documentary about herself, Jyoti has become a media darling and is now contemplating becoming a professional actress. First at home, in Bollywood, and then you can try to conquer American Hollywood. She has already acted in episodic roles in various TV series.

Jyoti with Paavan Solanki, founder and chairman of the World Records India Organization

During measurements at the official record registration procedure

With classmates

Joint photo with the owner of the largest feet in the world

Photograph with a fan

Documentary video with Jyoti Amje

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