The perfect Chris Hemsworth: a great and powerful man and also a caring father and loving husband

A caring father, a loving husband and a magnificent Thor Chris Hemsworth.

It seems that Chris Hemsworth can be considered the ideal man in the world. The talented actor, who played the beloved and famous Thor, continues to win the hearts of millions of women. There is no doubt about its perfection, and now we will provide you with evidence.

First, he is very handsome, cute and attractive.

Secondly, sometimes he looks like he can easily attack any bodyguard.

But next to his beloved wife, he begins to look charming and cute.

The love of his life is a woman named Eliza.

They have been together for 10 years and are completely inseparable.

Wonderful spouses are raising three children.

Their feelings for each other remain the same after the wedding.

Chris is actually a man that many women are madly in love with.

A man, despite his schedule, somehow finds time for morning walks with his family.

And for the desired holiday.

These photos made absolutely everyone admire the beautiful family.

Whereas, despite his popularity and world fame, he manages to remain a simple and ordinary guy.

He even takes out the trash himself.

Chris also teaches his wonderful children how to fish.

And he often invites his beloved on secret dates in a cafe.

In addition, he hugs his beloved wife very warmly.

And Chris is her biggest supporter and protector.

In short, the perfect man.

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