The paparazzi noticed and photographed Vanessa Paradis with her son from Johnny Depp in France

The paparazzi caught Vanessa Paradis with the heir from Johnny Depp in France.

Depp’s ex-girlfriend was recently caught on her vacation in France. While Johnny is currently busy with tropes and problems, his former lover is peacefully spending time with her son.

The paparazzi managed to catch 47-year-old Paradis near the store, and later it turned out that Vannesa and her son Jack had moved to the south of France.

It is worth noting that her son Jack is currently in a romantic relationship with model Camille Jansen. The fact that they are dating, they officially announced on social networks.

You can find comments such as: “Looks like a beggar”, “Some kind of strange look”, “What is she wearing?”.

How did you find her?

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