The magnificent actor is already 84 years old: this is what Celentano, his wife and three children look like

Italian actor who is an idol for many people hasn’t been in films for a long time.

The Italian actor, who is still an idol for many people, has not acted in films for a long time, but still remains an active and creative person. How Adriano lives now and what his children do, we tell.

All his life the artist lived with one woman who gave him three children. Of course, years later, outwardly, the couple has changed a lot, but they are still happy that they have each other. The family had two daughters and a son.

Eight years ago, the star couple celebrated their golden wedding. Celentano’s wife is actress Claudia Mori, she is 78 years old. Before becoming a famous actress, she sang in musicals.

The eldest daughter is Rosita, she followed in the footsteps of her parents. The girl never used the merits of her parents and achieved everything herself. Son Giacomo was fond of music, which grew into his profession.

The youngest heiress – Rosalinda often gathers gossip and scandals around her. She likes not only men, but also women. Parents accept their daughter for who she is.

Who do you think the children of Celentano look like?

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