The kids are related by blood: The woman found out that her two separately adopted children are brother and sister

According to her, she struggled with infertility, but dreamed of becoming a mother.

A single mother experienced a real shock when she found that the girl she was going to adopt had the same biological mother as her recently adopted son.

Page divorced when she was thirty before becoming a foster mother in 2016.

According to her, during marriage, she struggled with infertility, but dreamed of becoming a mother.

Page took care of his four foster children before he met Grayson, a little guy who was discharged from the hospital.

Grayson, who is now two years old, was officially adopted by Page on May 25, 2017.

Page received a call a month after Grayson’s adaptive about a little girl named Hannah, who needs a house.

Therefore, Page said that she realized that she wants to provide Hannah, now lonely, the house forever, as soon as she sees her.

But when Page brought Hannah home and saw the name of the biological mother on the bracelet, she noticed a resemblance.

Page said that it was unclear whether Grayson and Hannah were brothers and sisters, because their mother lied, naming her last name and date of birth when she left Grayson in the hospital on the first day.

According to the news, both children were exposed to methamphetamine in the womb.

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