The girl has not eaten anything except chips and bread for 10 years: What does she look like now?

Izzy Cole is a nineteen years old girl, who suffered from a mental disorder for a long time, while everyone around her thought that she just had specific tastes for food.

At the age of three, little Izzy began to refuse baby food prepared for him by his parents. But the adults thought that the child was just naughty and soon it would pass. Sometimes Cole had to be forced to eat food.

Later, her parents began to worry about their daughter’s condition and took her to various doctors, but their advice did not help them. The only food Izzy ate was chips and bread. Subsequently, when the girl went to school, she also did not eat with other children in the canteen.

Cole herself admits that such a disorder greatly affected her social role in society. She didn’t communicate with other children, as she felt superfluous because she couldn’t eat the same food as them. Lizzie claims that when she looked at other foods, she began to panic.

But in 2015, Cole’s mom asked for help from a specialist on phobias that are associated with products. It was thanks to his advice that the young beauty managed to overcome her fears, and now she lives a calm, full life.

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