The figure of the world: the chic Monica Bellucci inspired the fans with the photo in a tight dress

Bellucci changed her image more than once, but she always remained magnificent.

It’s nice that in this world there are representatives of the beautiful, who do not consider that they can let themselves go and spit on their appearance. Monica Bellucci changed her image more than once in her life, but she always remained magnificent. So the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar is no exception.

For the right to have the graceful Monica as the main model, they have been fighting for decades, because Bellucci is considered almost an icon. Recently, the Russian magazine Harper’s Bazaar also had such luck.

Fans were struck not only by the magnificent appearance of the star, but also by her non-standard outfit – a black one-piece dress to the floor. It fettered the dense figure of the actress, emphasizing all her thunder-forms.

The unusual neckline without a cutout turned out to be original. Cutouts on the bust only added spice, without revealing anything extra.

There was also a place in the set for the attractive, bewitching look of the Italian, which is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.

This week, Monica was in great demand, because she recently starred for another cult gloss – the Chinese “Schon!”

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