The famous Bruce Lee: this is what the actor’s wife and children look like now

Here is how the wife and children of Bruce Lee have changed.

It’s safe to say that Bruce Lee was a real idol for his generation. He was undoubtedly an example for all, thanks to which many young people chose the right path in life. He was an exemplary man in martial arts and also wrote film scripts. He also starred in many famous films, devoting his entire life to the film industry. Many say that collaborating with Lee was a real experience as the camera just couldn’t catch him due to his fast and flexible stunts. A successful artist and actor passed away at the age of 32, but left a huge legacy – his family.

Cadwell Lee

She went to a kung fu class because she was very interested in this art. After that, she successfully became a constant companion of the artist. And he fell madly in love with her. And as it turned out later, his feelings were mutual. Linda is now 74 years old.

Brandon Lee

Bruce was a devoted fan of his son Brandon. He loved and praised absolutely everything he did, so Brandon wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and also become an actor. He landed his first role at the age of 21. There have been both good and bad experiences in his career. He starred in more than 20 films, but once he was seriously injured on the set, and the doctors, unfortunately, could not save his life.

Emery Lee

Shannon also tried her hand at the film industry. One of her most successful roles was in the movie Blade. Now she is already 50 and she is one of the organizers of the Bruce Lee Foundation.

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