The curly-haired woman turned to the stylist. He made her 10 years younger!

Women with curly hair have always had a hard time finding the right haircut. Most often, they either cut their hair short or collect curls in a ponytail.

Today’s age heroine, in addition to curly hair, faced another problem – gray hair. The woman had a terrible color of curls, the condition of her hair was deplorable. They looked like tow and stuck out in different directions. The lady wanted to transform herself with the help of a professional and went to one of the best salons in Brazil.

The master suggested that the woman get a shorter haircut and dye her hair an ashen shade. The heroine trusted the taste of a professional and agreed with the proposed option.

The stylist took the required amount of paint and applied it to the entire length of the strands. After finishing the painting, the master cut the client’s hair and, at her request, made a long bang. To add volume to the haircut, he shortened the strands on the top of his head.

At the end, the professional dried his hair with a hair dryer and laid them.

To complete the image, the heroine was given a beautiful make-up, which not only turned her into a spectacular woman, but also visually made her younger.

After all the procedures performed, the woman has changed beyond recognition. Now she has become a well-groomed stylish lady with a fashionable hair color and a chic hairstyle.
Did you like the new look of the heroine?

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