The 52-year-old woman became the wife of the 25-year-old African and gave birth to twins

When N. Vedenina was over 50, she decided to search for her friends with the help of the Internet who recently left Russia.
But in the process of searching she met a 25-year-old African named Paul, with whom she quickly befriended.

At first, the couple talked online with a video-call. Then they began to communicate more often, because Paul was a programmer and he worked online, and our heroine retired because she was disabled.

Their friendship lasted for three years, during which the woman got acquainted with all the boy’s relatives.

When their relationship was already 4 years old, Paul bought a ticket for the woman and after a week he proposed marriage.

The couple had 2 weddings. One took place
in the motherland of Paul, and the other in Cherepovets, where Natalia lives. The young husband moved to live in Russia. Then he got a job, and got used to live there very quickly.

The man even changed his religion and now goes to church. This fantastic couple has twins, now they live happily and they love each other very much.

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