Simple, in the shadow of her husband. Adam Sandler and his wife were filmed in home clothes

Actor Adam Sandler is almost 56 years old, 23 of which he spent with his beloved wife Jackie, whom he met in 1999 during the filming of the film, where Jackie played a cameo role. Unfortunately, the girl could not make a dizzying career and remained in the shadow of Sandler, but still plays minor roles and is happy, but she has a lot of time for her children and husband.

Adam admits that his wife is a real strength and victory, who directs him to victory, gives advice, is there in difficult times.

The actor appreciates Jackie’s contribution to their family, by the way, their couple in Hollywood is considered one of the strongest. Recently, the paparazzi even filmed the couple for a walk, it should be noted that Jackie, despite his age, has maintained a good figure.

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