She will give odds to young women: at 56, Monica Bellucci shines with beauty and a girlish figure

Monica Bellucci is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Her beauty is unique, out of this world. And of course, it was the appearance that prompted Bellucci to become a model, and then a film actress. She played her first role in the film Dracula, since then the actress has become the ideal of female beauty and an icon of style, grace and charm. She always noted that she did not have model parameters. However, Bellucci was not going to lose weight and adapt to the public.

The actress has always been proud of her curvaceous and rounded forms. She did not hide a large bust and always emphasized the neckline. She was a kind of ”rebel” who conquered with her cunning tricks, while remaining herself. However, the years take their toll. Now the actress is 56 years old, there was a period when Bellucci herself lost a lot. They began to compare her with the old woman, the fans were disappointed and believed that there was no trace of that Monica. Some advised her to resort to plastic surgery in order to preserve her youth and beauty.

However, Bellucci is against surgery and artificial beauty. She proved that there is nothing more beautiful than naturalness, and beauty comes from within. As soon as Bellucci found harmony with herself, she regained her attractiveness and youthful appearance. Even at 56, she boasts a girlish figure and a thin waist. And happiness on her face and a radiant smile are the best adornment of a woman. Monica Bellucci proved once again that she is the most attractive and desirable woman on the planet.

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