She surprises all passers-by with her appearance: when she walks with a stroller, she is taken for a baby’s mother

If someone meets her with a stroller, it may seem that she is a young mother.

Her eldest son Danil meets with his girlfriend Alena for three years, and the birth of her granddaughter was not a surprise-baby Yuna was born 2 months ago.

If you meet Julia with a stroller in the park, it may seem to you that she is a young mother.

Siberian told the blog correspondent how she manages to look so beautiful in her respectable status.

Julia says that grandchildren are even cooler than children.

She shared about her family and children: «I am now at the age when women themselves are still mothers, very young, who recently gave birth to their children for the second or third time.

And I am a grandmother, and I definitely don’t be shy».

Some of my friends say: «For no reason, do not call me a grandmother, call me by name!»

«But I like it, I am Baba Yulia, in my opinion, sounds organic.

This is an indicator of not age, but marital status, I adhere to such a position», explains Siberian.

In the upbringing of her granddaughter, Yulia completely trusts the children, says she was very lucky with her daughter-in-law.

True, sometimes there are times when Yulia wants to go about her business, for example, to sing the baby for the night, but she holds herself in her hands and is sure that the child should have her parents.

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