She stopped looking after herself: a plump Gomez emphasized the folds at the waist with a tight-fitting outfit

The girl’s appearance changed many times, because of her health.

Selena Gomez is popular, what ten years ago, what now, a songwriter. The girl is already twenty-nine years old, but she does not lose her popularity and demand among young people.

The girl went through a lot in her years – her appearance changed many times, and because of her health. Now the girl has noticeably gained weight, and fans reacted differently to such a change in Selena’s appearance.

Not so long ago, she appeared at an event in a sparkling silver dress, the slits of which opened her leg, as well as the waist at the sides.

In the comments under such photos, people are divided into two types – someone writes that the girl always looks great, and now she is also happy and healthy, while others write that she does not take care of herself at all.

And how do you like Selena’s appearance in these photos, dear readers?

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