She is really wonderful: the beautiful French movie star and performer Paradis will turn 50 years old

 She is really wonderful: the beautiful French movie star and performer Paradis will turn 50 years old

Here is the cult actress and singer Paradis, the woman will soon turn 50.

Paradis has become world famous and successful not only because of her charming and completely unique appearance, but also because of her angelically beautiful voice. Her dizzying career began when the girl was still very young. Let’s now compare the photos of the actress taken then and now, when she is already 49.

Vanessa was born in 1972 to a housewife and designer. In addition to her, the couple had another daughter named Alice, who excelled in the field of art.

The French singer started singing at a very young age and already at the age of 14 she brilliantly performed the cult song “Joe e Taxi”. Her first album left no one indifferent, bringing her fame outside her homeland. If once having fallen in love with the musician F. Pagni, the young girl immediately became an adult.

The cult songs of Vanessa were written by the talented Serge Gainsbourg, who played a big role in the life of the performer. Since the age of 17, Paradis has been actively involved in the film industry. The film “White Wedding” made the actress very popular and in demand. It is worth noting that the cult actress was even awarded the Cesar Award.

She enjoyed her popularity by collaborating with the Chanel brand, and also earning so much money that she was more than enough to buy an apartment in the center of New York. Her albums were periodically released simultaneously. Vanessa worked with J. Depardieu in the film “Elise”.

According to the legendary woman, before meeting her future husband Depp, the woman was depressed and, despite the tremendous success in her career, she felt completely lonely and unhappy in her personal life. The woman dreamed of meeting a man with whom she could happily spend her whole life.

The actress gave Depp two charming children – Lily and Jack. Unfortunately, in 2012 the couple divorced, but still remain in warm and friendly relations.

During the filming of “The dog”, the cult woman met her second husband, director S. Benshetri. In total, the legendary woman starred in 20 films, released 10 albums and became one of the most sought-after and successful actresses. Although Vanessa is already 49, she still pleases her fans and looks just amazing.