She is grateful for her child: what does the son of Tyra Banks look like, who was born by a surrogate mother

Tyra became a mother for the first time and decided to devote herself to her family.

Tyra Banks was one of the world’s leading models. Who does not know about her “eternal” rivalry with Naomi Campbell. Tyra had a special personality, beauty, charisma and wild energy. Everyone in Hollywood knew about her difficult character. But despite this, Tyra is a true professional in her field. The model gained wide popularity after the show “America’s Next Top Model”.

However, all stars projects are frozen, and Tyra herself has retired. For a long time, the public wondered what happened to their favorite. But as it turned out, Tyra decided to devote herself to the family. In addition, she became a mother for the first time. The model devoted herself entirely to her beloved and son. It is worth noting that the boy was born by a surrogate mother. Banks admitted that age did not allow her to endure and give birth to a baby on her own. However, she is infinitely grateful to the surrogate mother for such happiness.

The son was named York. From the age of 3, York speaks three languages: Spanish, English and Norwegian. Tyra devotes all her free time to her son. Unfortunately, the model broke up with the boy’s father, Norwegian photographer Erik Asla. However, they remained good friends for the sake of their son. Now Tyra Banks is thinking about replenishing the family and is looking for a suitable surrogate mother.

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