“She didn’t go to her mother”: Lopez showed a 14-year-old daughter who changed her mind about being a girl

The famous artist Jay Lo is now fifty-two years old, and she is raising a fourteen-year-old daughter. Not so long ago, she attended an interview where she answered several questions that concern her fans.

There, she also did not forget to say a few words about her daughter, who may soon begin her transition. The girl’s name is Emma – she does not feel in the female body, and at her age it is just not bad to start the transition with the help of special means.

Many in the comments write that they just decided to follow in the footsteps of other celebrities – Jolie and Pitt, whose daughter is now a non-binary person.

There are many photos of mother and daughter on the Internet – in many of them the girl is dressed in baggy or masculine clothes, and also has a short haircut.

What do you think about this, our dear readers?

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