”She did the impossible!”: what does the girl, who weighed 240 kilograms, look like now?

Her parents often quarreled when she was little. To get rid of stress, she had to just eat it, that’s how Kristina gained 320 kg.

The girl ate a lot during the day, the weight increased very rapidly. The extra kilos began to bring discomfort, but now Kristina could not stop. By the will of fate, she met a man who fell in love with her, despite her unattractive appearance.

Only now the girl was afraid to go outside so that people wouldn’t laugh at her. Time passed and it became more difficult to take care of herself. At the age of 22, doctors told her that the girl would not live long, this shocked Kristina to the depths of her soul. She went to a program, which helps people with obesity. Training, surgery to remove excess skin, proper nutrition, and now, the long-awaited result.

Now she looks in the mirror with great joy and goes out into the world. It is impossible to stop at this result, now she will have to maintain this weight all her life, or continue to lose weight, if desired. So, the desire to live led the girl to an amazing result.

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