”She came as an ordinary housewife, and left as a queen”: the stylist transformed this woman beyond recognition

An ordinary girl named Lyudmila forced her mother-in-law to come to professional stylists for a fashion verdict. She believed that Nadezhda could look much better than she was now.

Lyudmila was almost sure that professional stylists and makeup artists would be able to put her husband’s mother in order. And it’s worth noting, they really did it.

First of all, the woman had a modern haircut. Nadezhda had a tattoo on her eyebrows, so now they began to look much thicker and thicker, which is why the woman’s face became more aristocratic.

Professional stylists have picked up three chic outfits for a woman. Moreover, some of them can be worn for everyday walks, and some can be worn for evening events.

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