Secrets of beauty Catherine Deneuve: how a proud beauty managed to deceive old age

Catherine Deneuve appeared immediately captivated everyone with her beauty.

To many, her appearance seemed cold, and her beauty – proud.  That is why she was nicknamed “The Snow Queen”.  The actress herself noted that for a long time she considered her appearance to be ordinary, in her family it was commonplace, because there were a lot of beauties.  But once in the movie, she realized that the appearance is fundamental for the actress.  Therefore, Deneuve began to treat her appearance with care.


The actress has learned a few rules that she follows throughout her life.  As we see it works.  So she never went on a diet, did not limit herself in food.  On the contrary, Deneuve can please himself with both chocolate and a glass of wine.  However, everything should be in moderation.  In addition, it is important to be active, spend more time in the fresh air.

The actress believes that the key to beauty is a good dream.  She did not reproach herself for going to bed late and being able to sleep until evening.  And when she has an active period of work, she definitely gives herself a break: 20 minutes of sleep.  The actress does not miss beauty treatments, takes care of her face.  And for even skin color and body tone, she drinks a glass of lemon juice in the morning.

It is worth noting that Deneuve has repeatedly said that she does not like it when other people’s hands touch her face.  However, despite this, the actress visits a beautician.  She uses all the innovations to take care of herself.  It should also be noted that the actress is not a blonde by nature, however, the blond hair color has become her native.  But Catherine has to carefully care for the scalp.  Her main secret is natural-based products and a sea salt scrub.  Even at the age of 77, the actress boasts a lush mop of hair.

And yet the main thing, according to Deneuve, is self-acceptance and self-love.  She is not chasing youth, not getting younger, but only caring for what is given by nature.  She accepted her old age and wants her to be worthy and beautiful.  And this, as we see, is possible.

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