”Rejuvenated by 20 years”: 70-year-old granny decided to be transformed for her 50th wedding anniversary

All women want to look beautiful regardless of age. But over the years it becomes more and more difficult to take care of yourself, and it happens that you can’t look good without the help of professionals.

Christopher Hopkins is a stylist who would rather be called a magician. He makes all women real queens, they change so much that even their relatives do not recognise them.

And once a 70-year-old Marilyn came to the man who wanted to change her appearance before the 50th anniversary of their wedding. The woman wanted to rejuvenate and remind her husband that she is still the same beauty as she was before.

Marilyn asked Christopher to transform her in a way that she could maintain it at home on her own in order to always look good.

Of course, she had a lot of fears, because at that age it’s hard to make changes. But when the stylist finished his work and turned the woman to the mirror, she was in shock! Marilyn had not felt so elegant and attractive for a long time.

She seemed to have become 15 years younger, even her relatives were delighted with the new image of the woman.

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