Recently, the paparazzi photographed beautiful Bellucci, but the photos disappointed the fans a little

Monica Bellucci has been heavily criticized for her recent awkward appearance.

57-year-old Belucci remains the focus of paparazzi and journalists. Her every move and action is captured by those who never miss an opportunity to capture the Italian actress. The other day, new paparazzi photos of the celebrity appeared on social networks. There, Bellucci appears in a very unusual way for his fans.

The legendary actress and model was caught in a top and skirt, but she was wearing strange slippers. Many netizens were quick to criticize the popular celebrity for such a clumsy look, while the rest courageously stood up for her, saying that nothing can ruin her.

The opinions of her fans, of course, were controversial. Two large groups emerged. The first group supported their favorite actress, and the second could not understand why she looked like that.

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