Really beautiful: Cassel’s beautiful wife in a transparent dress amazed the entire Internet with her figure

25-year-old wife of Vincent Cassel effectively stood out at a fashion show.

The wife of Vincent Cassel came to the fashion show, accompanied by a 55-year-old husband. Model Tina Kunakey appeared before reporters in a see-through outfit, captivating fans with grace and beauty.

“Old man Cassel is incredibly lucky with his wife”, “Vincent enjoys the company of a young girl in her old age”, “Even if she was without everything, she is still far from Bellucci”,

“Young and beautiful, unlike Monica”, “Monica is getting old, and Tina is now in her prime”, “Let Vincent enjoy”, “What a beautiful girl”, write Internet users.

What do you think? Do you like this couple? Which of the famous women do you think Kassel looks more harmonious with? I’m waiting for you in the comments.

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