Rare photos of celebrities: what were the stars in childhood and what they have become now

Celebrities, like all people, were children and lived like millions of other teenagers.

Celebrities are a special caste of people. They are loved, admired. They have become an integral part of people’s lives. After all, loyal fans imitate idols, support their every undertaking. After all, fans have a stereotype that the stars are unusual people. They are flawless, they have no flaws. However, this is not quite true. After all, being an actor or a singer is the same job as any other. And celebrities didn’t fall from Heaven. They were children, teenagers, and lived like millions of other teenagers. We’ve rounded up the best celebrity baby photos that will show you what the stars were like before they became famous.

Dwayne Johnson



Millie Bobby Brown

Amanda Seyfried

Ariana Grande

Gigi Hadid

Justin Bieber


Margot Robbie

Anne Hathaway

Gwyneth Paltrow

Katy Perry

Kim and Kourtney kardashian

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